2019 Holiday Planner

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The JMG 2019 Holiday Planner features many of the premier cigar companies from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and the United States. Our selection of premium handmade cigars continues to grow monthly. We have recently added cigars from Micallef, 7-20-4, and Curivari. All items advertised in our Holiday Planner are available to all our customers. Pricing is available from our salesmen and/or online at www.jmginternational.com. Should you require a login and password to access our online catalog contact Sarah Newell at .

pdf Click to download a copy *Effective: Nov. 18, 2019 thru Dec. 31, 2019

PCA Announces New CigarCon Dates and Sub-Committee

[Washington, DC, Aug. 21, 2019] The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) has announced that plans for CigarCon, a consumer event held in conjunction with its annual convention and trade show, will not take place in 2020 and will be considered for 2021. In addition to the date change, the PCA has also created a sub-committee to focus exclusively on CigarCon and expects participation from all classes of retailer and associate membership.

“Our goal in announcing CigarCon at our 2019 trade show was to elicit feedback and have the conversations surrounding a consumer event,” said PCA President John Anderson. “We have been in active listening mode and have taken in all of the industry feedback and have really adjusted many of the logistics surrounding the event. With all of that in mind, and in consultation with our manufacturing partners, we ultimately came to the conclusion that setting the goal for 2021 was the optimal timeframe.”

PCA Executive Director, Scott Pearce, remarked that the PCA will be changing its committee structure to encourage broader participation from PCA membership. “We are embarking on a significant change to our committee structure to encourage more participation from our membership. By expanding committee participation to a number of non-board members we can ensure we are consistently delivering more value for our members,” said Pearce.

Scott Regina, chair of the PCA Trade Show Committee, also commented on the progress the PCA is making on creating a better experience for the show and convention itself. “While CigarCon is a part of our plans, we are hard at work on creating more new and exciting programs to enhance our annual convention and trade show. Adding new voices and fresh perspectives is going to be a welcome new component as we forge ahead,” Regina said.

For retail and associate members who would like to be considered for service on the committee, please contact PCA Executive Director Scott Pearce at . And for any associates who would like to secure or review their 2020 booth space, please contact Christine Morgan at .



Founded in 1933, the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) is the oldest, largest and most active trade association representing brick and mortar retailers of premium tobacco products and assisting manufacturers and suppliers of premium tobacco products. PCA is a not-for-profit trade association and is recognized as the "Voice of Authority and Reason" on premium tobacco related issues.

Seed2Cigar: Epic year-long timelapse shows Foundation Cigars in the making

As a growing brand, Foundation Cigar Company is always exploring exciting ways to shake up the cigar world and bring a new level of culture and media to smokers and shops alike. From the unique and striking Nicaraguan-based art, to the history-rich backstories of each cigar line, to a recent music video collaboration with The Reminders, it's easy to see that owner Nicholas Melillo's interests span far and wide. But the heart of Foundation lives in the dark, dense soil of Estelí, where tobacco seeds begin their long journey to becoming award-winning cigars.

In keeping focus on what's important, Foundation has released a time-lapse video sharing the extensive process about how their cigars are made. The 11-minute time-lapse spans an entire year, though the whole process to create every part of Foundation’s cigars can actually take 2-3 years, with long fermentation periods. The video takes place in Estelí, Nicaragua and breaks down the technique into a number of steps, from seed beds, to curing, productions, molds, quality control, and more. It’s a fascinating look inside a remarkable operation and also showcases the many people involved from beginning to end. To accompany the full video, Foundation also has an abridged one-minute version that highlights the most important steps.

This latest video from Foundation was filmed and edited by Kenneth Espinoza, who is also the talent behind The Reminders' 'Foundation' music video. Kenneth studied at Virginia Tech and currently resides in Nicaragua. Four years ago, he created Foundation's first videos and now Foundation is excited to announce that Kenneth has joined its art and media marketing team. He'll be working to make video series for each Foundation cigar line and release monthly videos to bring more of Foundation's process and inspiration to the public. 

About Foundation Cigar Company
Foundation Cigar Company was formed by Nicholas Melillo in June of 2015 and debuted El Güegüense, The Wise Man - Corona, which was awarded among Cigar Aficionado’s ‘top 25 cigars’of 2016. The Company launched The Tabernacle, Charter Oak, and the infused line, The Upsetters, in 2016. In 2018, The Wise Man Maduro was named #3 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado and The Charter Oak was named Best Value Cigar.  Foundation’s home offices reside in the Connecticut River Tobacco Valley and its production in Esteli, Nicaragua. Foundation Cigar Company’s goal is to bring top quality premium cigars to connoisseurs around the world.